Nachhaltiges Engagement

Die Dr. Silvia Bopp Stiftung unterstützt jedes Jahr Stipendiaten für ihre Augenarztausbildung. Wir tun dies, damit die medizinische Versorgung vor Ort nachhaltig aufgebaut wird. Wir fördern Mediziner, in deren Werdegang augenmedizinische Leistungen erkennbar sind. Dies gilt insbesondere für die von uns im Fokus stehenden Regionen in Ostafrika.

Unsere Ausbildungszentren befinden sich in in Kenia an der University of Nairobi. Diese ist die wichtigste Universität Kenias. Das Department of Ophthalmology befindet sich im Kenyatta National Hospital. Die Postgraduiertenausbildung für Ophthalmologen dauert drei Jahre. Zum anderen befindet sich ein weiteres Ausbildungszentrum in Moshi/Tansania, dass  Kilimanjaro Christian Medical College (KCMCo), welches zur Turmaini University gehört. Die Postgraduiertenausbildung dauert hier vier Jahre.

Unsere Förderrichtlinien siehe Stiftung/Förderrichtlinien.

Dr. Sahra Kweka
abgeschlossenes Studium Kilimanjaro (2011-2015)

"Ophthalmology has been my Dream, and I really am very grateful to see my dream becoming a reality in the next 2 years. Very special thanks to Dr. Sylvia Bopp, through Light for the World, for providing full sponsorship for my studies. Otherwise, it would have been very difficult, and almost impossible for me to undertake this course."

Dr. Remezo Philbert
abgeschlossenes Studium Nairobi (2011-2014)

"I am very happy to be one of the doctors to receive support from LIGHT FOR THE WORLD and I thank them sincerely, but I also want to particulary thank Dr. Bopp for granting me the funds that finally will enable me to become an ophthalmology specialist."

Dr. Andrew Makupa

"I take this occasion to express my thanks and gratitude to the Dr. Silvia Bobb Foundation and LIGHT FOR THE WORLD for granting me the sponsorship. I realized that practicing ophthalmology allows the doctors to help people with impaired vision, which gives me professional satisfaction and a strong sense of being useful to others. Basically by becoming an ophthalmologist and a good one for that matter, I will be able to restore or to preserve vision of many of my countrymen."

Dr. Majala Jafar

"Helping people with visual impairments was my dream since I was young. I think wherever possible, people should see the beauty of the nature, because to see is to believe. I would like to thank LIGHT FOR THE WORLD and the DR. SILVIA BOPP FOUNDATION for their support with equipment and funds, which enables me to undertake my studies."